Strawberry Battlefield

Strawberry Battlefield is the debut poetry collection by Whitney Marquette. Whitney's poems and quotes are filled with emotions that are simultaneously personal and political - blending love poems, self-reflection, and disrupting stereotypes of race, gender, and corporate society. Ultimately, Whitney's work rises above the chaos to offer others a fresh perspective on shared Millenial experiences regarding life and all the madness that comes with it.

Everything Has a Season

Memories are forever with family cookbooks. So many of our best memories center around food, especially for families down south. Baking cookies with your mom, grilling with your dad, celebrating the holidays around your family dinner table...

I've always enjoyed cooking and creating in the kitchen because it allowed my family to come together and forget all of our problems. Everything Has a Season is an exclusive collection of my family's recipes that go back for many generations.

The Colors of Caregiving

This is a collection of work that dives into the multifaceted shades of caregiving while becoming an instruction manual on how readers can learn to find themselves while embracing everything that comes with living life in the midst of extreme chaos and the overwhelming desperation of survival.

The Colors of Caregiving explores African-American culture and examines Whitney's life journey as a youth caregiver. It explores how healing has everything to do with medicine and faith and grants readers permission to release the guilt we carry with each of our decisions. This book comes from a place of vulnerability and pushes towards compassion for the person we must care for the most, ourselves. 

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