Uber speeds into OOH

How it works

Get paid $300 when you install a cartop on your car. You will earn an additional rent payment of $100 per week for having the cartop on and in motion for at least 20 hours. See terms for additional details.

Installation is quick, easy, and free

Installation usually takes approximately one hour and Cargo guarantees that the device will not harm your vehicle at any stage of the installation process.

Easy maintenance

The cartop displays are maintained and insured by Cargo. However, a cartop display may impact your vehicle insurance. You are advised to consult with your auto insurance provider if a commercial insurance rider may be required.

Eligible vehicles

If your car has a sunroof, moonroof, or a roof rack Cargo will not be able to install the cartop display.

What is a cartop display?

Cartop displays are digital devices that go on top of your car. They display ads from different companies. Cargo’s brand of displays are called Beam.

The display is legally allowed to show ads in the areas shaded in blue. The display is prohibited from showing ads in the areas not shaded in blue; therefore, if you’re in one of these areas the display will not show ads. Once you drive back into a blue area displaying ads should resume.

Who will have access to my location data?

Uber will have access to your car’s location when the cartop display is powered on. We use this data to calculate payments and improve the program.

How do I wash my car?

You’ll need to wash your car the old-fashioned way, by hand. Cartop displays can’t go through automatic car washes.

Can I turn the display off?

You can turn the display off, but won’t make money for driving with a cartop display until you turn it back on. Check the manual for instructions on turning the display on and off.

Can I take the display off my car?

Please do not remove or tamper with the cartop display. To have the display removed, schedule an appointment with a Cargo expert.




*Terms: Earning potential: Earn a rent payment of $100 per week for having the cartop on and your vehicle in motion for at least 20 hours. See terms for additional details.See blog for details. This offer is for eligible vehicles only for a limited time only. Additional vehicle insurance may be required. Digital ads are chosen by Uber and displayed on all vehicles in the cartop display program in your city. Terms and offer subject to change


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