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AnnaKiya Design is a full-service creative agency that specializes in branding and digital marketing. We put as much thought into our visual identity as we do your brand. A custom identity is handed over before we start work on the rest of your project, ensuring that we are consistently upholding a cohesive brand throughout your platform.

While we have proven ourselves time and again for numerous clients, and we’ll take on just about any industry, getting to know specific industries helps the overall strategy. We have designed websites, written content and crafted SEO strategies to deliver maximized results and an optimal user experience for the following industries:

Real Estate







Clothing Brands



meet the owner.

The woman behind AnnaKiya Designs creative agency has over ten years of visual art experience, six years in news journalism, and three years in advertising. As Creative Director, Whitney Marquette oversees brands to create and promote high-quality content that will keep your business top-of-mind while increasing the number of people you can reach.


Having published several works, she excels at both written and visual communication and strives to ensure quality results in every project she is involved in. Clients praise her ability to bring campaigns to fruition that stand out above the rest.

Her time as a graphic artist for the largest advertising agency in the United States piqued her interest in producing marketing campaigns that make an impact. She has created billboard campaigns for both small businesses and national corporations.


"Too many businesses use marketing campaigns and brand concepts that lack a connection to real life experiences or accurately depict cultural influences."  - Whitney